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In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

22 March 2019 - 11:37 AM

It's more of an Allegro bug than anything else, as it doesn't handle drawing multiple submenus on top of each other well. There are some workarounds:
1. Use keyboard accelerators: When a menu item has an underline, you can activate it by pressing that key on the keyboard, ie. use ALT+T to open the track menu, then press R to select the Rocksmith submenu, then press H to select the "Fret hand positions" submenu and then press S to select the Set function.
2. Use keyboard shortcuts: Some menu functions have a function key or key sequence listed to the right edge of the menu to indicate a way you can use the function without even having to open the menu. The shortcut for the set fret hand position function is SHIFT+F.
3. Increase the width of the program window. You can make EOF's window larger by using File>Display>Display and picking a pre-set window size or setting a custom size. You can also simply enable the Notes panel (File>Display>Notes panel>Enable or simply CTRL+P) to make the window 50% wider than any of the pre-set sizes.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

21 March 2019 - 11:32 AM

EOF doesn't write .chart files. You could try one of the converters that can translate between a chart and MIDI file. You could also try Moonscraper, which is a chart editor for the game Clone Hero that can import a MIDI and save in its native .chart format.

In Topic: Haven't Made a custom in awhile.. question..

21 March 2019 - 11:29 AM

Very odd. The command prompt was completely broken? That would definitely break a few things in EOF.

In Topic: Help Miss Note !

20 March 2019 - 02:38 PM

If you're using the toolkit to add dynamic difficulties (DDC), it could be a problem involving that. If you create a version of the chart without DDC, do all notes appear in-game?

In Topic: Haven't Made a custom in awhile.. question..

20 March 2019 - 02:30 PM

First, make sure you're using the 2-20-2019 hotfix, as the one before that had some audio file handling problems.

Otherwise: What option are you picking for the location of the new chart? When I create a new project, select an MP3 and choose the source audio file's folder for the destination, it has me select a bitrate and then it creates an OGG as expected. If I instead opt to create a new folder, it creates a new folder named "[ARTIST] - [SONG TITLE]" in my configured song folder (defined with "File>Song folder"). If you have no song folder defined, it should default to EOF's program folder but then you can run into permissions or file name compatibility problems depending on where you've stored EOF, ie. if you put EOF within one of Windows's "Program Files" folders or if ANY folder in the path to the project folder includes any accented/Unicode characters.

That said, you could still create customs even if that didn't work because you could prepare the OGG file in Audacity or something. Only certain tools used by EOF have limitations with accented/Unicode characters in file paths.