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In Topic: Latest EOF releases (5-2-2019)

02 May 2019 - 09:56 PM

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (5-2-2019) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:
*Implements an eof_lyric_gap_multiplier config file setting (can be manually edited while EOF isn't running) that will affect lyrics when they are placed or have their lengths altered with the [ or ] keys or the scroll wheel, by enforcing a gap around affected lyrics. This gap is equal to the current grid snap setting multiplied by the eof_lyric_gap_multiplier value, which is meant to be a number greater than 0 and less than 1, ie. 0.5.
*Fixed a RS import bug that could prevent tech notes from being parsed correctly.
*Adds a minor efficiency improvement to pro guitar MIDI export by omitting repeated root notes when the same chord is authored repeatedly, as suggested by Ruggy.
*Changed the Feedback import menu function name to include "(.chart)" to clarify the file type in question.
*Added a "File>Default INI settings" function where you can define song.ini entries to be automatically added to new charts.
*Changed the "Load OGG" dialog to initialize itself to the current project's folder, since EOF doesn't allow loading an OGG file from someplace else.
*Fixed a bug where drum rolls wouldn't import correctly for QB format Guitar Hero files (ie. Guitar Hero Smash Hits).
*Changed the length threshold for drum rolls in GH import to 140ms, since some official charts used drum lengths as long as 138ms even though they don't display as drum fills in-game. Drum notes that meet this length threshold are given crazy status so that they will also export to MIDI with sustain.
*Allowed disjointed and crazy statuses to be applied to drum notes, since some Guitar Hero charts author this (ie. drum swells overlapping bass drum notes). A "Disjointed" submenu was added to Note>Drums.
*Updated GH import to read accent notes and disjointed chords. When accent status is found during GH import, EOF will prompt whether it's from one of a list of specific games, which define accent notes in a different lane order. Some types of ghost notes (ie. from Warriors of Rock) are read and interpreted as snare notes and will be highlighted during import, but the definition of drum chords that include ghost notes on red/orange is unknown.
*Changed MIDI export to allow drum notes to export with sustain if they have crazy status (which disjointed notes are given automatically during GH import).
*Changed the accent status behavior so that a note can have different accent status for a given gem than that of the note at that position in another difficulty, as is done in some Guitar Hero charts.
*Removed the logic that tracks the chart's MIDI delay separately per OGG file, since this isn't handled well by the undo/redo logic and is probably more harmful than helpful to most people.
*Changed MIDI export and import to use a velocity of 127 to define accented drum notes, for future use in Phase Shift. When accented drum notes are present, "drum_accent_threshold = 127" is written to the project's song.ini file.
*Added a prompt to the Mac build suggesting the default song folder (for new projects) to be defined if it isn't already, since the default location is the program's parent folder, which in OS X is inside the application bundle and is more awkward to access.
*Fixed a bug with QB GH file import where the section events would be deleted after the prompt about whether they were in the desired language.
*Improved GH import so that if the "song_aux" instrument sections are reached and there were no notes imported from the "song_rhythmcoop" sections, EOF prompts whether to import the aux notes into PART RHYTHM instead of PART KEYS.
*Added a "Don't write INI file" export preference that will prevent EOF from writing a song.ini file during save even if MIDI files are written.
*Allowed open notes to have crazy status so they can overlap other notes, since this is used in at least one GHWT chart and is supported by Clone Hero.

In Topic: Why?

21 April 2019 - 12:31 PM

That's probably it. If you manually define any fret hand positions for a track in EOF, it won't generate them automatically. Then if you make changes that no longer suit the FHPs, the "width" of an anchor (ie. how many frets wide the chord window is) can end up having to be unusually large in order to work in-game. Try deleting the fret hand positions and letting EOF generate them again, and if that doesn't help, try without DDC just to rule that out as a contributor to any problems.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (5-2-2019)

09 April 2019 - 01:33 AM

In the past day or so, Mediafire counted dozens of new downloads for RC12. If it's still not working for you, try restarting your browser and possibly clearing its cache and cookies in case it's trying to use a retired Mediafire server or something. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I can contact Mediafire support to ask why their servers are having problems.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (5-2-2019)

08 April 2019 - 11:50 AM

I tested it yesterday and whichever server Mediafire was hosting this on timed out. I tried the link just now and it downloaded fine. It was an outage on Mediafire's end.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (5-2-2019)

07 April 2019 - 08:22 PM

It's probably a temporary outage on Mediafire's network.