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Member Since 12 Nov 2016
OFFLINE Last Active May 04 2019 01:50 PM

In Topic: CDLC stops after a few seconds (without starting)

09 March 2019 - 05:58 AM

Works like a charme now!


After updating, having right templates, config works great ... damn, this should be a major update - not a minor. :D


So, I have my first track inside ... wohooo!


Many thanx, firekorn ... as said in the beginning: it must be something easy.

In Topic: CDLC stops after a few seconds (without starting)

09 March 2019 - 05:21 AM

This is a legitimate question - hmmm. Today is day 2 with EOF ... and here we go:


Instead of using a created wem by myself, I placed the directory to wwise installation - 2016.2.x. Pressing "generate" shows up a new window - ogg should be generated to a wem file - ok. But: System.Exception Wwise audio file conversion failed: <ERROR> Could not find packed template: E:\rstoolkit\Wwise2016.tar.bz2


Inside of the directory there are only three templates: 2013, 2014, 2015 - no 2016. The crap: wwise Launcher doesn't offer older versions than 2016.1.x.


So, tried to use wav instead - same ... again: <ERROR> Could not find packed template Wwise2016.tar.bz2

Forum search: nothing.


Sorry for being an awful n**b at using SC.



EDIT: holy crap ... old version ... I've seen it! In 2.9.2 there are the templates ... :ph34r:

In Topic: CDLC stops after a few seconds (without starting)

08 March 2019 - 04:51 PM

Hi firekorn ... indeed, I did it on my own, because it's easy enough (I thought) :rolleyes: . Hmmm ... but my config is not stored inside of SC. Everytime I open the config tab, everything is empty and I have to set it again and again. Any further clue?


BUT ... I am going to try this in round about an hour. I will report the result ... B)




EDIT: Well, I get an error log, writing about ...

System.IO.InvalidDataException <ERROR> DLCPackageData is null ... RocksmithToolkitLib.DLCPackage.DLCPackageData PackageGenerate()


This happens after setting wwise into config-tab and trying to ignore the input/selectable area for the compatible audio. Wwise is 2016.2.x (tried x32 & x64)... as recommended (read in log file). :(

In Topic: Can't start up EoF

22 July 2018 - 02:49 AM

If you are using an active system protection (anti-virus meets real time protection), so it reports a "CodeInjector" on "FretsOnFire.exe". Normally, every program shall move this to your quarantine. Same behaviour on "AutorunCreation" with the generated "Uninstall.exe". Maybe you just have to "trust" this to work like a charm. So, uninstall everything, check your AV program (you MUST SEE warnings and errors for decision - no auto-action!) an re-install.


"EOF 1.8" - e. g. - reports "CryptoMalware" in "oggCat.exe", "oggenc2.exe", "lame.exe" and a "CodeInjector" itself in "eof.exe".


Do you have to worry? Always. :) But: AV programs are using algorithms to find crappy stuff inside software (incl. while installing) - while rendering software (e. g. "uninstall.exe") it's possible to get such a search algo "positive" (as a "false positive") and your software blocks the finish line - so parts of your installation are missing.


Best regards