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In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

04 October 2018 - 02:33 AM

Yea, "Set as default" makes more sense.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

04 October 2018 - 02:11 AM

->Make PART REAL_GUITAR_BONUS rhythm path, bonus arrangement by default
->Make PART REAL_GUITAR rhythm path, normal arrangement type by default
->Make PART REAL_GUITAR_22 lead path, normal arrangement type by default
->Make PART REAL_BASS bass path, alternate arrangement type by default
->Make PART REAL_BASS_22 bass path, normal arrangement type by default


That's completely opposite of how I using them. Can you just make this a global eof setting rather than per project setting. So if in my last project I set PART REAL_GUITAR as lead path, bonus arrangement it would be set so as default for all new projects.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

12 August 2018 - 04:51 AM

Yeah. I just said that I don't think this happened to me in over a year, and the next time I'm opening eof I see this... :)

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

11 August 2018 - 10:44 AM

Aaargh! I think eof just hates me, and I can break grid snap just by looking at it wrong(but now I don't have to readd every FHP, so thank you again for this beta). I probably wont have more time for now to play with eof so this is the last thing I got. Here is the project. You can break grid snap by setting bpm to 200 at any measure past like 20-30. I've not managed to reproduce bug described above, but if you have only one piano roll and notes lost grid snap off the screen (set bpm to 200 at measure 73 or 190) current track difficulty wont be highlighted so you can even not notice that everything just lost grid snap. Also apparently you can break grid snap just by opening properties(F9) and hitting ok. This all tested in 080907beta.

In Topic: Latest EOF releases (2-20-2019)

10 August 2018 - 02:20 PM

So the issue you're describing is that EOF is not highlighting non-grid snapped notes in tracks other than the active track? What are you checking to determine this (ie. using the secondary piano roll)?

Yes. I had two guitar tracks on two piano rolls open, and only the top one become highlighted I switched to bass and it was not highlighted either. I zoomed in to check and notes on all three tracks definitely lost grid snapped positions


If you or anybody can reproduce a scenario where a note can lose grid snap simply by opening a project and moving one beat (or setting a specific tempo on a beat), please send me the project file and details. Of course, this is only a bug if you have the note auto-adjust preference enabled. If anything, I'd expect this is more likely to happen for notes that were placed with a custom grid snap instead of one of the built-in grid snaps.

I don't think this happened to me since this update. Now that I think about it its possible that only two cases for me where notes lost grid snap since then is either after stopping playback (which I can't explain) or after moving beat markers on project last saved before that update.

But I definitely had problem with custom edited FHPs after moving beat markers on a new project even though notes never lost their grid snapped positions.