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Mediafire Survey.

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31 replies to this topic

Poll: Mediafire (122 member(s) have cast votes)

Are you experiencing any issues with Mediafire?

  1. Yes (40 votes [32.79%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.79%

  2. No (82 votes [67.21%])

    Percentage of vote: 67.21%


Offline   blackbirddh


    Hardcore Guitarist

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  • 92 posts
  • Location:Munich

I am using AdBlockPlus and NoScipt in Firefox which gives me perfect control on what scripts are running at least from my perception. Firefox is a bit slow though if you use a lot of tabs. For Downloading I use DownThemAll which works with most of the providers.


You can use OneDrive as an alternative for sharing files. Microsoft is very strict on data privacy. And for me it works pretty well usability wise.


I got captcha's but not very often. With the above config I never got any popups. I had to allow skripts from mediafire, but have not allowed any other scripts in order to be able to download files.


Rock On,


Rock hard!

Offline   TomSawyer2112



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  • 1,217 posts
  • Location:is a tiny spot in old Europe

Never got the slightest popup, nor any other annoyance from mediafire, that's why I use it.

I mainly use for the .parc files


But the problems may come from the browser,

I don't know if there are still people using Iexplorer, Chrome is ok except its Google, NSA friends.

I use Opera, Firefox seems alright too.

Offline   Liquidlizard


    A Real Lizard

  • Moderator

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  • 947 posts
  • Liquidlizard
  • Location:Kansas City, Kansas
  • PSN:Liquidlizar


I've never had a problem with Mediafire... I like it alot better than many others. Never used any form of adblock. But due to people having problems, I have switched to posting my cdlcs on copy.com

Offline   MilkmanDan


    Touring Guitarist

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  • 611 posts
  • Location:Thailand


Mediafire worked OK for me with paranoid-mode Firefox (Adblock Plus, NoScript, cookie whitelist, etc.).


I'm now mostly switched to Chrome, and even with Adblock Plus I was getting frequent popups (or actually pop-unders) from Mediafire.  Solved that by adding "Poper Blocker" (yes, with that misspelling) extension.


For the few customs that I've done, I just use Google Drive.  Not a big fan of their buddy-buddy NSA status, but the one-stop-shop for YouTube playthrough uploads, what used to be Picasa for screenshots, etc. etc. sure is easy.


Milkman Dan

My YouTube channel  (bass playthrough videos)

My Customs Download Folder  (my customs)

Offline   ZagatoZee


    Master Guitarist

  • Administrator

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  • 457 posts
  • Location:Bogota, Colombia

I'm also a big user of copy.com (for a lot more than just CDLC)



The convenience of Dropbox (folder on your computer that auto syncs over devices and to the net), with significantly better features. More free space for starters (15 gig) +5 gig additional per referral.


If you have a 5 gig folder shared between 5 people, it only counts as 1 gig from each of your space allocations - unlike drop box where it counts as 5 gig for each person. Is it perfect, no. But it seems to be one of the better options available today. The referral system is just a little more clunky than it needs to be for eg and the iPad app is a little frustrating.


Between the Anvil and here, I've had a bit over 2000 downloads of CDLC from copy and seen 1 complaint.


https://copy.com?r=VG44SE - referral code/link should anyone want to claim a free 20 gig (15+5 bonus) account, I'll also gain an additional 5 gig from you using it.

Offline   Atrimn


    Expert Guitarist

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  • 161 posts

Sometimes I get popups even with adblock on but I just close them.

Offline   kingADZ12


    Expert Guitarist

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  • 175 posts
  • Location:Earth

Voted no, then again I have a MF business account so I never even see the download page.


Sorry but that gif... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

Check out my Slipknot Discography Project for all your Slipknot needs!

Offline   TheBestAlex


    Master Guitarist

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  • 222 posts
  • Location:Pennsylvania

Steam Profile


Switched to Dropbox. I've never had problems with Mediafire though.

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Offline   Nich


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • 22 posts

I maybe grabbed 50 or 60 songs from Mediafire this afternoon.


Firefox, adblock, noscript, etc.


I got one, maybe two, that asked me for a captcha entry.

Offline   Tunalic


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • 13 posts


Pop ups and a 1 time auto download of an .exe file detected as a virus and quarantined by my antivirus has been my experiences. I have learned to be extremely careful when downloading from the site!

Online   alidan


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • 8 posts

I use alot of sites with mediafire. 


- Popups *Even with Adblock*
this usually only happens if you click somewhere on the page, generally the site is clean all the time
- Download limits
there are no real download limits that i hit, im in the us, so it may be a country by country thing
- Captcha's
this pops up only when you try to download something like 10 or so small files or one massive one, and its generally 1 per 200mb-500mb~
- Broken files.
broken as in corrupt or broken as in not there anymore? 
broken as in corrupt is rare, broken as in gone is due to mediafire doing blanket filename checks and flagging things for "this has a song name, or is a popular thing to pirate" kind of deal. its also easy to flag something on mediafire, at least more so than other sites, though that may just be because mediafire is one of the easiest media host places to use. 

Offline   Teinashu


    Lord of Hunger.

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  • Location:The Netherlands
  • XBOX:Teinashu


Thank you for all the feedback. It seems that 1/3 of the users here, are experiencing some issue while downloading from Mediafire.  

Mediafire will still be allowed for usage. It's up to the Charters to choose whether or not to change to a different host.

Thanks again!

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