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Can you name the song that piqued your interest in guitar?

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Offline   steroma


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Not really a song...

The Red Hot Chili Peppers gave me the interest in guitar playing. And If I had to be more precise, I'd said the "Sex blood sugar and magic" album, and to be more precise the "suck my kiss" song.


To be honest, at this time, I was thinking that the Fleas's main riff of suck my kiss was played buy a guitar lol...


I should have bought a bass AH, AH!!!

Offline   NoonyDeloony


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Zoom, by Fat Larry's Band. It's still my all time favourite song but the bass line in it is just lovely, like a heartbeat and it generally just makes me feel happy to hear it :).  When I was a kid though, I decided to get a guitar (no idea why the bass never crossed my mind back then when purchasing a guitar o.O.) but I'd have to say, Dreamline by Rush from the Roll the Bones album. It's fecking amazing! It's massively atmospheric that tune, made me feel like I was outside in the cold night, escaping a filthy town of stray dogs and smog. The rhythm makes it a great track to run to and the lyrics so descriptive, when I first heard it I felt like I was reading an epic novel, and didn't put the album down for at least a year. I still have the copy I recorded off of my friend Andy's (Thanks Andy for introducing me to the most amazing band on the planet, wherever you are! ) original cassette ... not sure it is still playable, it has wine on it :)

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Offline   justgimmethefunk


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It wasn't one song in particular but I can remember listening to Wish You Were Here and Abbey Road as a kid and thinking "maybe I should listen to more stuff like this, maybe music is always THAT perfect". We had some really great music at home back in the days and sure enough this is where I got my love for music

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Offline   Rimbaudrillard


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I think two albums, La Sexorcisto and Astro creep 2000. Everything is fault of J. Yuenger. 

Offline   manchot66


    Jon Snow's Father

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Jimmy Page ... 'nuff said.


Offline   spellbound


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Im Thinkin it musta been something from AC/DC lol...yep pretty sure ;)

Offline   Nocaster_


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For me it wasn't a song, but a game - Guitar Hero. I was more into hip-hop back then, but really enjoyed that game. After a while I started liking rock, then it became my favorite type of music. Then I became quite good at Guitar Hero, so I thought to myself "I might as well try and learn to play the real thing". This was about 6 years ago. Rocksmith is one of the best things to happen to me, it really took my guitar playing to a whole new level, cause it forced me to to do stuff I was avoiding before, like play really fast and play open chords. I can do things now I didn't think were possible for me, like improvising to songs I hear on the TV, and it's all thanks to RS.

Offline   newmans1985


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What Keeps Me Loving You by XYZ.  I wanted to learn that song for obvious reasons.  And to me the guitarist they had was very underrated for a guy coming out of the 80s.  The solo on that song to me is simply amazing.

Offline   storm20200


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I've always been interested in rock music and had the 70s and 80s stuff in my head most of my life. I think the ONE moment was when I was at my uncles and he put on his Rainbow DVD. I was literally breath-taken, I couldn't believe what was I seeing and hearing, the amount of emotional expression in an instrument blew me away. I didn't pick up a guitar at that point but took to Guitar Hero and Rock Band extremely quickly. When I eventually had money I made the jump in January and would never look back.


This is particularly the song which is a huge influence of mine. 

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Offline   bLiNx32


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For me it's bands like pixies, veruca salt, breeders green day and Nirvana from the States and inspiral carpets, pulp, arctic monkeys, Ned's atomic dustbin, the wonder stuff and Reverend and the makers. The one band that lit the fuse was AC/DC and hells bells

Offline   xvladx


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This song in particular. I started playing around late November last year, not sure if I can play the solo yet, probably I'll be able to soon since I can get to that speed playing other stuff. Just gotta keep practicing.

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Offline   MilkmanDan


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A friend of mine bought an electric guitar when we were about 16 or so.  He was having fun with it, so I went the cheap route and borrowed a battered old acoustic guitar from my aunt, a music teacher.  Many people in my family have music talent, a lot of singers and various instrument players also -- but I had never really had much interest.


Anyway, I took that acoustic over to my friend's house.  Pretty sure "Smoke on the Water" was the first riff he taught me, and the first time I had that "whoa, this is so cool" moment.  Some months later, I got my own electric (Epiphone Korina Explorer) as a birthday present.  That is still my only electric guitar.


I never got very good, but I had fun.  Never took lessons, just taught myself and compared notes with friends.  "Enter Sandman" was the first song I learned relatively completely, from a tab book.  But, in college I probably only played a few times per year; just as a minor hobby.  BUT, I remained interested enough that I bought my first bass (Ibanez GSR200) sometime in there.  Immediately clicked more with bass than I ever had with guitar.


I don't remember exactly what the first song I tried on bass was, or what song made me think that bass would be a fun thing to try.  Possibly "Orion" by Metallica -- mastering that song remains a long-term stretch goal for me.  But, I can definitely remember that the first song that I really got into on bass was "Like a Stone" by Audioslave.  I think that was the first song for either instrument that I felt I could actually play along with solidly all the way through the song, and therefore convinced me that I was actually a bass dude instead of a guitar player.


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Offline   Diabulous


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Well the thing that made me want to play was well... Green Day Rock band lol after playing  a few songs, i really wanted to play.

Offline   timhenning


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my uncle played guitar and he gave me his guitar. he knew i could play if i practice. my first song was pennywise - bro hymn .

than i started to learn nothing metallica - else matters. it took me lots of hours to learn that. after that i played seek and destroy (witout solo)... 

Offline   Hostilian


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Back in Black and Highway to Hell (albums) on my personal stereo when I was 12 - messing around in the sun in Majorca..


It wasn't a song in particular, though it's always been a toss up between the title tracks on both albums...


Good times!  :)

Offline   stealthgerbil


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I don't know which song exactly but I was sitting there listening to metallica and was like 'damn i wish i could play guitar it would be fun' and i got a cheap one.

Offline   durdensbuddy


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Not a guitarist, but the first song that made me want to give up my metal growls for an instrument was "Unsound" by the Headstones.  It was the first time I saw the bass really take the spotlight and I still love that tune.

Offline   snowdog


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I started off playing the bass, mainly due to me going round a mate's house after school and playing various Police songs on his setup. Got my own bass and amp about a year later and then got myself an acoustic guitar about 6 months after that. An early guitar solo that always used to float my boat was the one in Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 but I haven't thought about playing the lead guitar until I started to get into Rocksmith, I was always interested in rhythm guitar before that because I didn't have the confidence.

Offline   Izzy


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it was on june 4, 1978 one of my best friends had just gotten a van halen album .. that first A5 chord on eruption made my hair stand on end .. and i havent been able to comb it down ever since!


Offline   Venomous


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Many good ol' bands from in the past (60s 70s 80s). But has to be Xanadu by Rush.When I first heard it I studied on guitar so hard. And Alex Lifeson become one of my biggiest influence.