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Just received my first copy of Rocksmith Remastered 2014 in the mail!

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Offline   luddite


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I'm at work but was notified by email that my first copy of Rocksmith Remastered 2014 just arrived in the mail. 


New to this but am so hyped to get playing and learning.


I have 20 years of self taught bad habits and play in a weekend warrior band. On a side note we have a new triple album coming up :-)


Hope to increase my skills as I feel like I haven't progressed for years. 


Looks like a fantastic, welcoming and vibrant forum. Kudos to all involved!

Offline   RubberDave


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I was in the same boat a couple of years back, I'm currently playing better than I ever have before and playing songs I thought would always be beyond my skill level. It may take a little while to get used to sight-reading from Rocksmith but worth the effort. If you're used to reading tabs try inverting the strings, it might be a bit more intuitive for you that way round.

Offline   luddite


    Beginner Guitarist

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Thanks RubberDave, I started last night and I had a few minutes of difficulty but picked it up pretty quickly. I only played for an hour but got Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop with some pretty good scores. 


I hope in a couple of years I can get to where you are. (I can't read tab or scores).



Offline   Seth


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Before you get into the habit invert the fret board and look up how to read tabs that way when you need to use a tab it will be second nature.  Reading tabs is easy when you know how it works reading sheet music takes more time to pick up.  Just a suggestion.

Offline   luddite


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Good tips, thanks!

Offline   TomSawyer2112



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I'm playing inverted since the beginning, which also allows me to play in GoPlay Along, where syncing tabs is a matter of minutes.

And a good way to learn read tabs while playing.

And if you ever get into creating customs, EOF also displays the inverted way. 

I can't play the normal RS way, and I can't understand why they didn't set the inverted display as the default display.

That was from a point of teaching music very unprofessional.


So be aware, once you choose one way, its very disturbing to try the other way.




I would also add that notes on lower strings are played more often, and they are often sustained.

Having the lower strings E A (red, yellow) displayed the default way often ends in a display covering notes on high strings.

Overlapping notes in the inverted display is less probable.

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Offline   firekorn


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I can't understand why they didn't set the inverted display as the default display.


Because that's what the focus group they tried it on find easier.


I don't play inverted in RS but i have no issue with EOF or tab in general at all. To each their own so try both and see what suits you.

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Offline   MaZtoR


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The RS note highway is a mirror image off a guitar.   Normal tabs are written from the viewing point of someone bending over and looking at the fret board.     It makes sense to me and i have no problem switching between the two.