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Which band inspired you to pick up an instrument?

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Offline   ShrillBear52


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Wich band  inspired you to play guitar or bass or other instrument?


To me,mostly it was Green Day when i was about 12-13 years old.I listend  Jesus of Suburbia so many times,and then i thought  how awsome  could be to play guitar like them, and even make a rock band but it was just a dream to me,just to learn to play the guitar and didn't even  know Rocksmith.So yeah,to me Green Day inspired me also Billy Talent with their cool songs like Viking Death March,Fallen Leaves,Saint Veronika etc,but wich band or even music inspired you to play? 

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Offline   lilstrats


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Good question...

I would say Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd...I wanted to play like David Gilmour so badly....Hence why I started with Stratocasters (his preferred instrument), I still love their sound but kind of moved on from just wanted to sound like him, and to embrace a whole variety of styles. But that's what got me to pick up my guitar in the first place.

Offline   deansmayhem


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For me it was John Cougar (Mellencamp). And I still love the guitar sounds of his older music. Hats off to Larry Crane and Mike Wanchic.

Offline   Liquidlizard


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The Cult and Guns N' Roses


Edit: I bought a Les Paul because of Slash, and I really desire a Gretsch because of Billy Duffy from The Cult, but I think I'm gonna settle for the Epiphone Riviera P93 Custom because of the reviews compared to pretty much any Gretsch.

Offline   desertrider71


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Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.....even though I gave up the Strat.....it's him and we need A LOT more of his tunes as CDLCs!  For bass guitar playing, I guess my hero is my avatar.....John Paul Jones.  :)

stranded on the sea of Strat.....rescued many years ago by the Jazz Bass

Offline   Mostly Rancid

Mostly Rancid

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The Cult and Guns N' Roses

Good call. Slash made me pick up my first guitar


Rocksmith made me get a bass


Offline   Mortalo


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Kirk Hammet and Metallica. To be precise Kirk's solos. Playing them in Guitar Hero was fun, but not enough anymore :)

And already in Rocksmith (as I started to learn how to play with RS2014) - 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson. That song blew my mind. If there is a difficult song I want to master, it's that one. Mr. Fripp is a beast.


While I always liked sound of bass, it was Rocksmith Championship that made me pick one up.

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@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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Offline   Shinyditto12


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Well......I dunno.........ID say Jerry Cantrell since he is my fave guitarist...then i got more prog like when i started listening to Tool, and then I just went all over the place


As for Bass, Les Claypool and Ryan Martinie and Justin Chancellor


Offline   NoonyDeloony


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Steam Profile

Iron Maiden probably, about 27 years ago. I vividly remember listening to no prayer for the dying over and over on my walkman, drumming out the bass line while drifting off to sleep :) uThough I didn't pick up a bass until about 3 years ago. I actually prefer prog rock and other genres now but Steve Harris was the catalyst, shortly after being introduced to Iron Maiden a friend let me borrow Rush Roll the Bone, Fly by Night and Rush albums on cassette and Geddy Lee blew my mind. I spent the next 27 years trying and failing guitar until I realised those 2 extra strings were throwing me off, got a bass a never looked back. RS championships have rekindled my iron maiden flame and introduced me to some amazing music/musicians. Ska-P, Graveyard and Ghost to name a few :)

 Mortalo, on 11 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said:

Ok, because of poor results and overall lack of skill @NoonyDeloony gets downgraded to Advanced. She would be forever remembered as shameful person... and then she'll make another charming video and we'll forget about that.

Youtube: https://www.youtube....yDeloony/videos

Twitching bass unskillfully, here: https://www.twitch.tv/noonydeloony


Offline   JamesPrestonUK


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I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I wanted to play bass as soon as I heard Roxanne aged 11....

Offline   lilstrats


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I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I wanted to play bass as soon as I heard Roxanne aged 11....

It's a great song.

Offline   1938


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I got inspired by some local patriotic rock/metal bands. I wanted to play music with message, not about nihilism as most rock songs. If I decided to pick up guitar or any other instrument now, I would be inspired by symphonic metal like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica but also some power metal bands.

Offline   TheDerpyGamer101


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Brian May and John Lennon

Offline   CooCoo


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well, lets see there are so many, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Taste, BB King,Muddy Waters,Albert Collins,Buddy Guy,Jack White,Jimi Hendrix,Eric Clapton,and pretty much any early -Early blues

Offline   then3verend


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I guess for me it started with Take No Prisoners from Megadeth.

My Dad's truck just kind of boomed and I fell in love with it, and wondered who the witch that was singing it was(Dave sounded like a witch when i was 4 okay?) 

It wouldnt be for another 8 years I started playing. I think Guitar Hero was about out at the time as well, which is what pushed me into guitar.

Many nice scores on all songs :)

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Offline   ikwtif


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I had no real inspiration when going to music/guitar classes when I was young (at 14years old). Then picked up guitar again 10 years later because of Jimi Hendrix. Everytime I am still amazed at what he could do with a guitar/sounds, how unique his playing was, how powerfull most his songs feel and how down to earth he was. Some people are true artists

Offline   Sid


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I first started getting lessons when I was 11 years old, I was inspired by T.Rex's Marc Bolan, I just remember seeing him whilst my dad watched television.. and everything blew me away. I was already a fan of Guns N' Roses and I started to focus on Slash and Duff McKagan a lot more than I used to.


I quit lessons but continued again after seeing Nirvana, I ended up learning the drums because of this.. I thought I'd always be a failure on guitar due to being unable to listen to teachers.


I started again recently, maybe about a month back. I'm still to this day inspired by T.Rex and others.


(T.Rex, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, Guns N Roses, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Public Image LTD, The Ramones. 30 Seconds To Mars, Status Quo etc.)


I also remember an interesting love of guitars came when I watched Back To The Future 2 and seen Marty play ''Johnny B Goode'' on stage.. that also blew me away.

Offline   IronKnight


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Truthfully it wasn't actually a band so much as a variety of Youtube users...


331erock (Eric Calderone), Epic Game Music (James Ronald), Game N Sound, LittleVMills, The Megas, ThatSk8tr (Chuck Dietz).


Oh, and Dwelling of Duels. 


Even if you're not a gamer I'd still recommend checking out some of their works simply because they have some amazing music. 

Offline   joe21121


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the reason i picked up guitar and drums is because of rush and metallica

Offline   Razgries


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  Yeah Erick Caldrone, I just searched for him on here and found your post. That guy can play he is an inspiration all you have to do is relax, smash a song to bits, and fill it in with your own amazing talent! I wish it where that easy, but he makes you believe it for a moment after a couple familiar tunes! I grabbed a few of his songs on here like Danger Zone and Batman Beyond/Frozen (Yeah even that one is freaking awesome) meets Metal. But wish I could get the one in the video I am linking, It would be real fun to jam to his take. The original is up thankfully and it looks pretty good, not as jammy or technical as 331Erock though.  :P


 I swear he just smiles, and one takes all these bad-ass covers with amazing feels it's ridiculous! He has to be one of if not THE greatest guitarists of our time. And he hates contests he thinks it diminishes the Integrity of the Art, so he is strictly YouTube/Self, how cool is that? I would take a bullet for this guy Metal needs him he is that important to the future...  of Metal!    o7





Btw I am drunk, and its... I'ma use one of these they have so many...  :clock10:  :sheep:  :kissing:  :joy_cat: