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-= [USERS GUIDE] - THE RS ROADIE - song selection list modification and setlist manager =-

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Offline   Rodman


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"life is good when you have a roadie..."








full featured songlist modification with real time setlist management to the bone







The Rs Roadie is freeware. You use it at your own risk. Do not pirate software!!! We strictly support Ubisoft, Steam and the whole RS and RS14 dev team. Thank you for bringing this awesome piece of software to life that makes us all spend our time here and with our instruments. We encourage everyone to continuously buy any official dlc she/he likes.




- original RS14 installed (steam)

- the official dlc and cdlc must be in /dlc or subfolders

- the imported rs1compatibiliy in /dlc

- The RS-Roadie newest ver. from the tools topic 



- Unpack in any dir you like

- Create Desktop shortcut



First start:

Do a backup of your CDLC

Do not have RS14 running!

If not autodetected you are asked for your gamepath.

- Enter in the Path field e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014"

- Press Load songs and wait for the songs to be listed (depending on cpu and h/ssd up to 2 mins) - once :)



Song Pack Mod:

Do a backup of your CDLC

Do not have RS14 running!

What? - enable / disable the songs of your actual official game packs


How? - the tool uses the method i discribed in detail here


Disable/Enable songs:

columns can be used to sort

- tick the select boxes of the songs you want to disable, when you are done

- press Disable songs

- (press Enable if you want to enable songs....)

- press Save songs

You can switch songpacks at songs from: and repeat the above


you can disable a whole songpack in setlistmanager under OFFICIAL SONG PACKS (no need to do manual disabling)

- Press RUN RS WITH SELECTED SETLISTS or start outside the tool to see the result ;)


The changes are permanent - so to edit start the roadie, and edit as you like,

be sure to press save on every songpack edited!


With Restore backup you can revert all modifications


Search - yes, does...

Refresh - refreshes songlist

Delete extracted workdirs on exit - tick that only if hdd space is an issue for you, costs full reload on every toolstart




Setlist Manager:

Do a backup of your CDLC

Do not have RS14 running!


What? - create setlists, fill it with dlc and cdlc, add modified official packs, selectivelyenable/disable for launch and archive....just full featured real time setlist management.


How? - songs can be stored in subfolders... setlists are organised as subfolders of /dlc; we have implemented a disabling routine so disabled sls and songs are not loaded, made adding of modified off songpacks possible so the fitting in-game songs can be added to the sets. Archives are stored in /dlc as zips.


Create Setlist:

If you already have your dlc and cdlc organised in subfolders - those show up as SETLISTS.

- Press Create new setlist to do so.

All your songs in /dlc are shown under UNSORTED SONGS.

- To add songs select and press Add selected songs to setlist.

- To add your actually enabled ingame songs - select the pack(s) under OFFICIAL SONG PACKS and press Add song pack to selected setlist. When there is more than one off. pack of the same type enabled you get asked which to use at RUN RS WITH SELECTED SETLISTS.


To enable / disable setlists and song:

- Press the fitting button :)

Changes are instant and permanent. Come back to the Roadie to change the situation.


Remove songs / setlists:

on Delete sel. setlists and Remove selected songs - the songs are moved back to /dlc (UNSORTED SONGS) unless you tick delete songs permanently.

Delete selected songs - yes, does .... permanently


You can enable / disable the official song packs selectively (no need to disable all songs per hand)


Refresh all - yes, does!

Restore official song pack backup - yes, does!

Restore a zipped songpack - yes, does, and you get asked which one...



setlists and off. song packs can be archived at actual state. They are stored as .zips in /dlc and shown in ARCHIVE.

You can doubleclick a file to see the content :)



starts the game with the actually

- enabled in game songs

- enabled unsorted songs

- enabled setlists

When there is more than one off. pack of the same type enabled you get asked which to use ;)



Have a lot of fun and let us know if anything is unclear!

@Rodman             @Lovroman

Offline   dragonjay2016


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Any chance of a video tutorial for us noobs mate lol? , I'm trying to make it possible to be able to  just select the song playist in the game & play just those songs in that playlist, will this program do that?

Offline   firekorn


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@dragonjay2016 so far no one has done any research regarding the manipulation of the game playlist without actually using the game interface so and since this software hasn't been updated since the remaster release i highly doubt it can actually change anything to the game playlist.

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Offline   BurnKill Reach

BurnKill Reach

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 Hi, when I click RSRoadie.exe it gives me an exception:

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument=El valor de '-1729610860' no es valido para start.