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Rocksmith announces New Project, end of Rocksmith Remastered DLC
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CustomsForge FAQ

CustomsForge FAQ

Where can I make requests?

As of March 2018 we no longer have a request system. We suggest learning how to make CDLC or asking someone who's already made a song for that band.

How can I play CDLC with my copy of Rocksmith?

There is a tutorial for this which can be found here.

Please follow all those steps. If you have done everything  and it still doesn't work, you can look through the comments to see if you can find an answer.

I have a pirated version of Rocksmith, can you help me get the CDLC working?

Absolutely not. If you ask for help on this you will be banned.

I want to start creating my own CDLC, where do I start?

Great! If you go here you'll find links to a lot of helpful tutorials.
If you need any additional help. Check the Tutorials section. If you are unable to find your answers there you can ask around in the chat. People are more then willing to help you out.

Where can I find the CDLC?

All CDLC can be found by clicking on the Ignition Button
Be sure to give some feedback to the charters.

Why doesn't CustomsForge allow posting CDLC made by other authors?

As of 9 July Magna Charters are allowed to add old CDLC to the database If they abide to the Adoption Rules. When Converting RS1 customs to RS2014 please give credit to the original author.

Will there be a ratings system?
At the moment, no. We will, however, have a kudos system to give thanks to creators in its place, as well as a feedback form. There are too many people who will rate based on their music taste instead of on whether or not the song works and we have no way of controlling who does this, therefore we find a thanks/feedback system is better. You are more than welcome to give feedback on customs, but a ratings system would be abused.

I don't like the theme!/The theme is too dark/light!/Can you change the theme?
You currently have the choice of using three different themes. If you want to change the theme select "Change Theme" on the bottom left of the website.

I'm willing to pay/commission someone to do this song for me, anyone up for it?
Questions like this are in direct violation of our terms of use. That can give us a ton of legal trouble and is outright prohibited.

Can I upload a song that has been already released as a DLC?
No. We must remove all copies of CDLC that already has an official release. Please buy the official DLC.

Where are all the RS2012 customs?

We are most likely not supporting Rocksmith 2012 for various reasons. The original RS1 CDLC can be easily upgraded to RS2014 by the original custom designer.

Rocksmith 2014 provides plenty of new options that 2012 does not have.

I'm having an issue with the CDLC Database, Search, or the Forums... what do I do?
If your issue has to do with the above, please use the tracker to submit any issues.

What are donations used for?
Donations are used solely for development. We use the funds for server expansions, domains, IP Board, mods, scripts and anything related. 

What does DD and RR stand for? And all the other shorthands?

DD stands for Dynamic Difficulty, RR stands for Riff Repeater. 
Here is a list of all Initialisms and Acronyms.

Why can't I view the CDLC search page?

If you're unable to login to Ignition (The CDLC Search) please make sure to do the following:
• Use a browser such as Chrome. (IE & Edge is not supported at the time).
• Try logging out and relogging into your account, then try visiting http://ignition.customsforge.com.
• Clearing your Browser Cache.
• Using a tool such as CCleaner to remove all cookies from your browser.
• Try Incognito Mode to see if it works there.
• Try another device, such as your cell phone to see if the problem is only on your device.
• Make sure you are using your username, and not display name or email address.

What songs would you recommend for a beginner/intermediate/advanced/master guitar or bass payer?

An excellent place to find song suggestions for any level of playing experience is in our weekly Rocksmith Championship.